• Jul 11, 2022
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The whole reason why we all love to wear diamonds is that it is the solid and most polished stone on earth. Diamonds are primarily associated with women. However, some are unaware that diamonds also give a masculine charm. A diamond necklace for men serves the purpose best, especially when made of 14k yellow gold. 


It is not only women who love diamond jewelry as gifts. Nowadays, men are also capable of wearing pieces of jewelry made of diamonds. Diamonds symbolize dedication, stability, and confidence, all-natural to men. 


Most men tend to have a busy lifestyle, so elegant and wearable accessories are what they want. They would experiment with various accessory combinations and fashion styles to pull off a masculine and minimalistic look. 

14k Yellow Gold Diamond Necklace for Men - The Trend



diamond necklace for men


Are you not sure what type of diamond jewelry will elevate your look? 

It's a misconception that diamond necklaces are designed only for women. The idea of a diamond pendant is a small, dainty piece of jewelry. At the same time, there are various ways and sizes to design a diamond necklace for men. 


Before adding a dazzling piece of jewelry to your collection, here's everything you need to know. 


What Are Gold Diamond Necklaces?


The gold diamond necklace for men features a gold design with limited studding of diamonds. Since it has more gold than diamonds, the chain is quite affordable. However, the price may flutter depending on the carats of diamond used in the necklace.


Significance Of Diamond Necklace For Men


Diamond necklaces for men are not only stylish but also elevates your class. Hip-hop artists and rappers often prefer to wear customized and excessive diamond bling. 


Hip-Hop was an art form for persecuted and marginalized people and low-income groups. Artists with low income emphasized flaunting their new status to the world. In the world of rap, diamond necklaces for men symbolize overcoming the struggle. 


Why Choose 14K Yellow Gold For Men's Diamond Necklace


Gold is the oldest and one of the most precious metals. Its rich color has been a symbol of wealth and prosperity for centuries.


Using metal like gold, particularly in 14k, to make a diamond necklace increases durability and longevity. The color gold works well with every skin type. Yellow gold does a great job of highlighting your precious diamond. 


Gold doesn't rust or corrode, nor does it lose its color over time. Like such, metal is prized for its lasting charm and beauty and is said to improve with age.


Types of Diamond Necklaces For Men


  • Diamond Cross-

    A great example of a diamond necklace for men is a diamond cross. It is not only worn as a style statement but also as a symbol of religious belief. Besides faith, these diamond crosses make the perfect gift options. 


    diamond cross for men


    A hanging gold cross pendant dotted with diamond accents that sits on a rope chain would make a shimmery statement of faith!


  • Diamond Tennis Chains-

    The most common type of jewelry is the diamond tennis chains for men. It is a strand of stones or gemstones fastened together in a chain. 


    This luxurious jewelry complements any outfit and makes the wearer outshine. Diamond chain necklaces for men are considered one of the most expensive jewelry items. 


  • Diamond Dog Tags-

    The popularity of dog tags increased when the army wore them as identification tags. This trend has become a staple for stylish men's jewelry.


  • Diamond Pendants- 

    Men on a larger scale usually wear diamond pendants compared to women. Whether set with one diamond or a bunch of diamonds, the variation in design makes it an excellent choice for the first-time pick. 


    Wearing a diamond necklace for men depends entirely on your style. It is an excellent accent point with any outfit and can work as a piece you can wear consistently daily. 


    Here are some of our top choices if you've got the confidence to pull off a chunky, blinged-out chain like the rappers.


    • Cuban Link Chain is a unique statement piece that can make even a plain black t-shirt look like the hottest drip. Making these chains mainly uses 14k gold. Cuban links are popular with rappers for their bulk and masculinity. 


      cuban chain

      • Miami Cuban Link Chain, A unique addition to the classic Cuban link, its clasp is also fully paved in diamonds.


        We know reading this, your heart might have already skipped a bit. It isn’t just because of the charming beauty of the diamonds, but also because of their high price. 

        Well, consider yourself lucky because here at GlobalWatches10, you can find affordable gold, solid diamond-cut necklaces for men without compromising on either style or design. 


        How To Style It?


        Simple Or Fancy?

        In contrast to women, men prefer basic and classic styles. A light diamond chain will go well even with plain formal shirts. 

        Today men wear gaudy and outrageous diamond necklaces. However, not everyone can pull off a look with an elaborate chain, so you better choose a chain style that won't get you over-accessorized.


        Style It With Different Outfits

        Don't be scared to try different types of diamond necklaces. You'll be surprised at how great other pieces can look with various ensembles. Diamond earrings will look equally good when worn with a suit or a loose white shirt for the beach club.

        It is a common misconception that diamond necklaces are worn only for special occasions. Still, the truth is you can style a men's diamond necklace with both low-key minimal attire and streetwear fashion.


        Style According To The Occasion

        Think about the occasion if you don't know how to wear your diamond pieces. A pair of diamond cufflinks will look exceptional at a wedding, while a necklace will look better worn at a nightclub. Style your diamond jewelry with the occasion in mind. 

               Different Occasions To Wear Your Diamond Necklace

        Wedding Or Formal Occasions - A sleek and elegant diamond chain suits the best for such occasions when teamed up with cufflinks or diamond rings. But you can always try a jazzy piece if you are confident enough to pull it off. 
        Everyday Outfits - There's no right or wrong way of wearing men's diamond jewelry for daily outfits. It all depends upon your style preference. You can wear any or all types of diamond jewelry if this is what makes you feel good. 
        Office Or Work - Diamond jewelry for work needs to be subtle. It can't be too loud. The important thing is to keep it minimal.


        Which Style Suits Your Face?

        One must always consider the shape of their face before picking up that beautiful piece of necklace for yourself. If you have a round face, go for longer v-shaped chains. Meanwhile, wearers with pointy and thinner chins should wear choker-style diamond chains. 

        The Ideal Length For A 14k Gold Diamond Necklace For Men

        Most diamond chains' length ranges from 14 or 16 inches. Some are even longer at 30 inches or more than that. It is essential to measure the width of your neck before going for a choker. Below are categories to choose from in different sizes.

        • 14 – 18 Inches (Choker) - A choker is a close-fitting chain, but you need to add extra inches if you want it to hang around your neck. Chokers are always noticeable above a man's neckline, and you can don them to express a range of character daily.

            • 20 – 24 Inches - This length is the standard length for men's diamond chains. Usually, a 20 inches chain will settle in your shirt's first and second buttons. You have the freedom to tuck it in your shirt or flaunt it outside. Men usually choose this length for pendants and crosses.

            • 26 – 30 Inches - Diamond chains in this length are a "bling-bling." Frequently, this eye-catching piece should dangle outside your shirt. Its flashy and fancy size is presumed to be someone who loves swag.

              Where Can You Buy A 14k Gold Diamond Necklace For Men?

              If you're looking for a diamond necklace for men and are serious about investing in a quality piece, GlobalWatches10 is the place to go. We're one of the most trusted and reputable names in the industry. Check out our stunning collection of 14k gold diamond necklaces for men.