• Sep 15, 2021
  • by aziz sukhyani

You must have heard of the Cuban link chain to be addressed as the Miami link chain. There’s a reason for that. In the early ’70s, these necklace chain types originated in Miami out of a rapid movement. The hip-hop jewelry movement gained attention in Miami and gave way to the Cuban necklace that we see today. 

You must have noticed custom Cuban chains across the necks of many hip-hoppers and even other fashion enthusiasts today. Over the years, the way to style and wear a Cuban link chain is evolving as an accessory. Once, it was known as streetwear jewelry, but now it has elevated into a high fashion and couture wardrobe staple. 

This blog will suggest some style tips on Cuban chains to help you create a perfect men’s Cuban Link Chain Necklaces outfit that can fit any occasion. We’ll even provide some great tips for styling a Cuban link chain with a suit.

Why are the Cuban Link Chain Necklaces for Men growing in popularity?

There are many types of chain necklaces in the trendy fashion world, but very few, such as the gold Cuban link chain, have made a place of their own. To understand why it’s so, you don’t need to think beyond the normal scope of thought. Although other cable and curb chains also give an endearing and robust look, the Cuban link chain always upholds the rank because of its cultural relevance. On top of that, it has a subtle and sleek design that gives them appeal. 

If you have a modern outlook, it will suit you owing to the vast celebrity following that this chain has. Cuban necklaces will also benefit you if you have a traditional view. 

In this twisty cable-like design, the traditional aspect of the gold Cuban link chain is evident. That’s why even after the initial breakthrough was in 2012, the Cuban chain is growing in popularity. 

Another prominent reason is that these types of chain necklaces can fit any fashion wear. They complement the tonality of every costume, whether you are wearing a casual T-shirt or a Blazer. 

It also complements well if you layer other gold chains with it. These are the reasons that give way to the massive appeal that the Cuban link chain draws towards itself. 

Types of Cuban Link Chain Necklaces

Types of Cuban necklaces that you will find in the current jewelry scenario includes: 

  • Gold plated Cuban chain
  • Gold-filled Cuban link
  • Sterling Silver Cuban necklace
  • 10k gold Cuban link chain 
  • 14k gold Cuban link chain

So, now it’s easy for you to choose your personal favorite Cuban necklace according to your choice. 

What should you consider while buying Cuban Link Chain Necklaces for Men at Global Watches 10?

Cuban link chains are one of the most versatile options for gold chains in the market. Buying this chain type involves knowing the kind of gold you should buy, how they are made, and seeming recommendations for the best purchases.

  • Cuban Link Chain Necklaces for Men - Quality
  • Considering the price, you can expect a 10k Cuban link chain to cost less than 14k gold Cuban chains. However, even if you decide to stick to a budget while buying a men’s chain, the good news is that you don’t have to compromise on quality. It is okay to choose a budget-friendly gold chain. After all, the most important thing is to look at the quality of craftsmanship, no matter the purity level. You should consider quality above everything else when you want to buy a Cuban link chain.

  • Cuban Link Chain Necklaces for Men - Features
    • Cuban link chains have interlocking patterns that make them appear attractive and thick. These chains are jewelry pieces that guarantee to stick around and to grab attention every time you put them on. It is regarded as a luxurious accessory because it represents your great sense of style and status.
    • One of the excellent features of Cuban links that add to their charm is their durability and exclusivity. They are a great addition to your collection. Whether you want something heavy or light, these chains offer you to pick the right style and size for yourself.
    • Cuban links are known for their unique, sturdy, and thick feel. If you look flashy and want something to pair with a blinged ring or bracelet, this is an excellent style.
  • Cuban Link Chain Necklaces for Men - Materials
  • Any virtual metal such as silver, platinum, and gold make up A Cuban link chain. Gold is the most common material for making Cuban links. Although many gold link chain designs appear yellow, vendors mix gold with other metals to transform their colors. For instance, copper can create a rose gold color, while palladium or nickel is great for variations of white gold.

  • Cuban Link Chain Necklaces for Men - Size
  • Along with the quality of the Cuban link chain, the size of the chain is an essential consideration. Gold Cuban link chains that weigh more than 10 pounds and are massive in size are famous among entertainers and rappers, inspiring many consumers to opt for large chains on a sizing scale.

    The size of Cuban links depends on your taste and preference. Whether you want to stand out of the crowd with an enormous chain or not, it’s necessary to determine how big your chain should be according to your preference. If you want the illusion of a large size chain without excessive weight, you can layer multiple small chains instead of wearing one giant chain.

  • Cuban Link Chain Necklaces for Men - Purity
  • The purity of gold is among the factors you should consider when buying a unique Cuban link chain. When the link chain is made of gold, it has higher k’s or higher purity, and hence the Cuban link chain will cost more. 18k gold Cuban link chains that consist of pure gold amounts to 75%.

    A 10k gold Miami Cuban link chain is less than 50% pure gold. This distinct difference influences the prices of the chains when it comes to the level of purity. Customers who want an affordable yet trendy alternative to higher karats with bigger price tags10 to 14 karats are recommended.

    How to Wear a Cuban Link Chain and Match Cuban Link Chain with your outfit?

    The power of jewelry is stronger than you think. It showcases who we are, our status in society, and even our commitments during our lives. We will guide you to help you explore a few basic rules of wearing men’s jewelry- Here at Global Watches 10, your source for premium Miami Cuban link chains.

    These bolder Cuban Link Chains are also great if you pair them with a suit. Combining a beautiful Cuban Link Chain with a classic suit can create a perfect outfit for any dressy affair. Depending on the occasion, we recommend our Prong Link Choker design to style a Cuban Link Chain with a suit. The dramatic and pronounced braided links in these Cuban Link Chains make it the perfect statement piece accessory.

    The adaptability of Cuban Link Chains is terrific. It can be designed with or without diamond stones. It is one of the easiest ways to quickly dress up your outfit by adding a Diamond Cuban Link Chain. 

    A Diamond Cuban Link Chain helps in providing the quintessential finishing touch If your clothes are casual and not the focal point of your overall outfit. For a night occasion, if you wish to style a Cuban Link Chain with a suit, we recommend pairing it with a Diamond Cuban Link Chain for a sophisticated look.

    Style it your way

    You can style the gold Cuban link chain the way you want. You don’t necessarily have to wear it is another advantage of using it. To add some contrast to the Cuban link chain, you can showcase any pendants. The pendants can also showcase your identity. That’s why hip-hop artists and rappers wear specific pendants with their Cuban link chain. 

    You can also choose your size, weight, and thickness accordingly to optimize your look for a given setting. It would be best to prefer shorter Cuban link chains for a casual setting than showtimes or events. 

    By engraving your gold Cuban link chain with diamonds into the chain’s rope-like pattern, you can also glamorize it. These diamond-studded gold Cuban necklaces look fashionable and beautiful on everyone. The current and modern trends have spotted several celebrities who are keen on this fashion regime. For this setting, pave diamonds are a good choice. 

    Enjoy this trend in the style

    The legacy of the Cuban necklace evolves with each passing day. It’s trendy and never looks to settle. That is the reason why you should always customize your jewelry collections with these iconic Cuban Link Chain Necklaces.

    You can find Miami Cuban link chains for everyday use at affordable prices at Global Watches 10. The durability and strength of our chains are up to the mark and never break down or tear apart. 

    Global Watches 10 will always get the Cuban link chain for you.