• Jan 17, 2022
  • by aziz sukhyani

Today people have access to an astounding variety of 14K & 18K gold necklaces in different colors such as white, rose & yellow gold. Although metals like platinum and palladium are becoming more popular nowadays, gold is always a fantastic choice. Learning about the 14K & 18K yellow, rose, and white gold necklaces is a brilliant way to narrow down your options when deciding which type of gold necklace to choose that ultimately represents your personality. 

Read on to take a closer look at various gold necklaces to help you make a well-informed decision.

What is Pure Gold? 

First things first, let’s get a bit of knowledge about pure gold. Here are a few facts about pure gold:

  • In its purest form, gold is a yellowish, dense, flexible precious metal
  • Out of all the metals, it is the most malleable
  • Generally, it occurs as a nugget or a grain found in rocks, veins, or alluvial deposits; in its native form
  • People believe that most gold found occurs due to the asteroid impacted approximately 4 billion years ago
  • Gold is one of the least reactive chemical elements we know. It is solid under standard conditions and resistant to most acids
  • China is the largest gold mining country currently
  • It is believed that one-quarter of the world’s gold production approximately originates from artisanal or small-scale mining
  • Throughout history, gold has been used as coinage, jewelry, and the arts
  • The measuring unit for the purity of gold is Karats (K), and pure gold is 24 karats. It’s all in the alloy that jewelers add to pure gold.

14K & 18K Gold Necklaces in Yellow Gold

Gold is naturally yellowish in color and stable under standard conditions, and it means that it does not tarnish, rust, or corrode. Although, it’s still alloyed with some base metals for its sturdiness when making the jewelry. The more yellow a gold piece is, the purer but, the less durable it will be. Usually, most jewelry produces jewelry using 14K or 18K gold.

While people often think of yellow gold as pure, the yellow gold used for necklaces is an alloy that combines pure gold with metals such as zinc or copper. Like other gold colors, the higher the actual gold content, the higher the karat amount, but the less durable the jewelry piece. Therefore, 14K or 18K gold is used for gold necklaces in yellow gold, and it gives them a gorgeous golden hue while helping them stand up against everyday wear demands.

Yellow Gold Necklace

Globalwatches10 has a wonderful selection of 14K & 18K gold necklaces in yellow gold to choose from, and yellow gold necklaces look nice on anyone. But it is particularly attractive when contrasted with darker or olive skin tones, and it looks less impressive on pale or rose skin tones, which means that rose or white gold might be a better option for someone with fair skin.

Some other things to consider when comparing 14K & 18K yellow gold necklaces with rose gold and white gold necklaces is that yellow gold, particularly high-karat yellow gold, can easily get scratched and dented. It requires regular cleaning and polishing.

14K & 18K yellow gold necklaces look fantastic for all occasions and make a great choice for modern and vintage-inspired styles. Historically it is the most famous metal for wedding and engagement necklaces. It is one of the most malleable metals for jewelers to manipulate, and it is also a good choice for necklaces if you want to resize them later.

14K & 18K Gold Necklaces in White Gold

White Gold is 24K gold alloyed with “white” base metals such as silver, palladium, manganese, nickel, or zinc. The quantity of alloy added to white gold necklaces will determine the karat rating of white gold and, therefore, its final color. White gold is generally more durable than yellow gold, though it still has a yellowish hue. In some cases, a piece of jewelry is coated in a platinum-based metal, known as rhodium plating, to give the appearance of being completely “white” in color.

Its only serious disadvantage is that it is not hypo-allergenic, and a few people may react to some of the alloys. The piece of Rhodium plating can assist with this problem.

14K & 18K gold necklaces white gold often contain nickel, providing the strength needed for a durable setting. If you love the look of platinum necklaces but want to spend a little less, 14K & 18K white gold necklaces are a fantastic choice. When comparing 14K & 18K white gold necklaces with yellow gold necklaces, white gold is stronger and more durable. It means that it is less susceptible to scratching or denting. Like all precious metals used to make necklaces, white gold requires a little maintenance. Cleaning and polishing are essential, and this metal needs to be dipped to retain luster and color every few years. Although its service is inexpensive, many jewelers even offer it for free.

On the other hand, white gold necklaces that contain nickel can cause allergic reactions in some people with sensitive skin. So, if you have a nickel allergy and still want to wear a 14K or 18 K white gold necklace, you must choose a necklace made with a nickel-free alloy.

14K & 18K white gold necklaces have a cool, sophisticated gleam. You’ll find that white gold necklaces look nice with all skin tones but are particularly complementary to fair or rosy skin tones. So, if you are looking for necklaces that compliment olive or darker skin tones, consider yellow gold.

14K & 18K Gold Necklaces in Rose Gold

Rose gold is 24K gold alloyed with copper. The quantity of copper to add in rose gold will determine the rating of rose gold karat and, hence, its final color. Rose gold, also known as Russian gold, is one of the most durable, as the copper it contains is very sturdy. Like white gold, some people may even have an allergic reaction to rose gold because copper is not hypo-allergenic.

Next, let’s see the difference between rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold. Rose gold is a gold and copper alloy that people sometimes refer to as red gold or pink gold. In Russia, it was popular around the nineteenth century and was once commonly called Russian gold, although people rarely know the term these days.

Just like yellow gold and white gold, rose gold is also popular for necklaces. Though it is often not seen, it is gaining popularity, particularly among people who want their necklaces to have a unique, romantic look. The 14K & 18K gold necklace in rose gold works well in every setting but is particularly appealing in vintage-inspired chain necklaces. If you want something different, you can combine it with white or yellow gold to create a unique multi-colored necklace setting that appeals to your artistic side.

When comparing rose gold with yellow gold and white gold necklaces, durability is another consideration to keep in mind. Incredibly, this slightly romantic colored 14K & 18K rose gold necklace is the strongest of the three, as copper in it is very sturdy. This resulting alloy is tougher than yellow or white gold. On the other hand, copper can cause allergic reactions in some people and is not considered a hypo-allergenic metal. A 14K & 18K gold necklace in yellow gold may be the best option if you have sensitive skin. So, if your style leans toward classic or vintage looks, you should prefer a 14K & 18K gold necklace in rose gold.

A 14K & 18K gold necklace in rose gold is a fantastic choice for warm skin tones compared to those with cooler skin tones. The rose color will stand out beautifully against pale skin tone; however, it might not look as good as yellow gold does against darker skin tones. Seasonally, if your skin tone changes, rose gold might be a great choice.

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While the metal you choose for your 14K & 18K gold necklace is largely based on personal preference and style, it will help you if you consider the main differences in composition and price of White, Rose, or Yellow Gold necklaces.

For example, white gold and platinum look identical to the naked eye, but platinum costs significantly more. And usually, most people prefer spending more of their budget on diamond necklaces than on a platinum setting.

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