• Oct 15, 2021
  • by aziz sukhyani

Men nowadays love decking up with chains and necklaces as much as women do. 14k, 18-inch gold chains, and necklaces indicate the person’s social status and wealth. In addition, it reflects the unique personality of the person. 

14k Gold Chains are not just for rappers and hip-hop artists; the average man can also wear gold chains to look presentable and fashionable.

How To Choose Gold Chains for Men?

In case you’re selecting the 14k, 18-inch gold chains, and necklaces, here are some pro tips for buying the gold chains for men:

  1. The first thing you have to do is set your budget. How much do you want to invest in the Men’s Gold Chain?
  2. Ask yourself a question- Do you want a bold or minimal look? Based on this, you can choose different models which work as extensions of your personality.
  3. The next important thing that one needs to consider is whether you want to wear it occasionally or daily. For the regular ones, we recommend you to wear solid chains.
  4. Visualize the design, style, pattern, and color of the gold chain. For example, a gold chain need not always be yellow. Instead, you can go for white gold, rose gold, among others.
  5. You have to try something different. For example, different types of chains have different styles and patterns. Depending upon your budget, choose the chains with 10k or 14k gold. Of course, the higher the karat, the higher the price of the chain will be. But chains with lesser karat have durability as other metals are mixed in them.
  6. Style Like Figaro, Miami Cuban Chains are in trend. These types of chains perfectly suit special occasions.
  7. Lastly, think about whether you want to wear it with a pendant or without the pendant. Look for durability, as 14k 18 inch chains should be less prone to breaking and twisting.

What Makes the 14k Gold Chain More Durable?


When you buy the gold chain, considering these factors will ensure choosing the proper chain for every outfit.

1. A link that chain contains

The Gold Chain has different types of links, making the gold chain piece more flexible. The most vigorous style of chains is made-up of interlocking links that do not have a bending point and won’t break in folding.

Cable, Curb, and Figaro are just some of the most robust chains and styles, incredibly thick ones. Wheat Chains are made up of multiple links that won’t easily break, making them durable to wear every day.

2. Durability and Thickness

A reasonably thick chain will make delicate styles stronger and will be able to bear the additional weight of a pendant. But, of course, the thickness of the gold chains depends on your style preferences.

Strongest Styles of Gold Chain for Men

Gold Chains are super trendy, and you can style them easily with any outfit. Find the best collection of 18-inch gold chains at Global Watches 10

1. 10K Yellow Gold Men’s 6mm Miami Cuban Chain With Box Lock 18inch long Real Gold

Miami Cuban Link Chain is well-known in the field of hip-hop and rap artists. If you are looking for gold chains, then Miami Cuban chains are just loved. It has many varieties associated with edgy and street-style fashion. Miami Cuban Chain has a round and bolder look. The chain can also come with stones.

2. Genuine 10k Yellow Gold Miami Cuban Chain Necklace 12mm 18” Box Clasp, Men Choker

The link of this chain is strong and can be worn daily. The width of this chain is 12mm. Cuban Chain Necklace’s weight varies depending on the size. You can choose to wear this masterpiece with any outfit; it is the most popular chain at Global Watches 10.

3. Solid 10k White Gold Rope Chain in 18 20 22 24 Inch 3mm Men Women Real Gold

This white gold rope chain is best for any occasion. These types of chains are suitable for both men and women. It has a variable length of 18, 20, 22, 24 Inches. The width of the chain is 3MM, and this is a solid 10k Gold Chain that gives you a perfect look. You can wear this gold chain on any occasion. If you are looking for a bolder look, then this is one of the best gold chains.

4. Real 10kt Gold, 3.5mm yellow Gold Rope chain 18-30 Inches, Franco, Cuban, Link New

The Real 10K Gold Chain is stunning. The width of the chain is 3.5MM, and this chain perfectly suits all types of men, irrespective of their personality. This chain is amongst the best chains in the collection of Global Watches 10

Which Gold Chain is Perfect for You?

If you are looking for a lightweight chain, opt for 10k gold cable chains and rope chains by wearing the gold chain with a pendant. If you are looking for the elegant option Figaro, Rose Gold Chains tops our list. In most cases, 12MM is said to be the thick gold chains that are ideal and eye-catching. But, on the other hand, if you want a simple look, then 1 to 6MM is comfortable.

How to Choose the Perfect Style Chain?

The 18-inch Gold Chain is the most popular chain that men love to wear because it combines durability and luster. On the other hand, 10K Gold Chain Necklaces are more durable. So, here is what you should look for while choosing the perfect style chain.

  • Length of the Chain
  • Do you want to wear it up to the collar length or up to the chest? The most popular size of the chain is an 18-inch gold chain. It’s the perfect length to be visible. But, of course, you have to choose the length of the chain perfectly for the best style—the size of the chain matters when you want everything perfect.

    1. Are you wearing the chain with a pendant?

    The most important concern that you should look for is the type of chain. Whether your chain perfectly suits the pendant or not. If you are looking for something new or a change, choose the chain that perfectly fits the pendant of your choice.

    2. What type of clasp does the chain have?

    The chain has two types of clasp. The name of one is a lobster chain, and for the other one, it is a spring ring. So, you can easily operate it.

    Reason Why Men Wear Gold Chain

    18-inch Gold Chains are a sign of good status and wealth. In addition, these chains are symbols of class and style. Rap artists are more likely to be seen wearing gold chains, and the trend is ongoing.

     1. Fashion Statement

    Men usually see the gold chain as an awesome fashion statement. It is a tiny shiny piece that reflects men’s personalities. The particular style and design depend on the personality and unquestionably upgrades men’s fashion. Men’s accessories were limited before gold chains arrived, but they now encourage men to be more stylish.

    2. Symbolizes Style

    Apart from being stylish, gold chains symbolize status and wealth. Therefore, men can wear this fine piece of jewelry to indicate their status and wealth. Moreover, the hip-hop industry has completely changed the styling for the men’s gold chain. Therefore, it shows affiliation to the people, and yellow has brought people good luck too.

    3. Gold is Timeless

    Whatever gold chain type you want to wear, rest assured, if you buy one from Global Watches 10, it’ll remain forever. Our gold chains are safe and timeless, and you can further pass them on to future generations.

    Pro Tips for Wearing Gold Chains by Global Watches 10

    You know why 18-inch gold chains are popular, so now is the time to have some pro tips for styling yourself differently. While choosing the Gold Chains at Global Watches 10, remember these points.

    1. Skin Tone

    Yellow Gold Chains are an ideal option for a skin tone that is warm. However, some chains are rose and white gold; those are highly suitable for people with cool-toned skin.

    2. Face Shape

    When choosing the suitable gold chain, you should do it according to your face shape. For example, V-Shaped Chains are perfect for the round face, while shorter chains are ideal for a long one.

    Men wear gold chains because they have the option to wear excellent quality. In addition, gold chains never go out of fashion, which upgrades an outfit with many different styles and shapes. Taking care of the points mentioned above will help you to choose the best 18-inch gold chains. 

    If you want to accentuate your style, all you need to do is explore our collection, put the items in your cart, and buy them now.