• Aug 15, 2021
  • by aziz sukhyani

When people talk about accessorizing, the first thing that comes to mind is perhaps women’s jewelry. Men do not like to accessorize a lot as many want to maintain a macho image. But have you any idea that you can still appear macho while being trendy & fashionable?

Do you also know that accessorizing is about knowing how to wear your jewelry? There are so many kinds of jewelry that men can explore in the accessory department, and 10k Yellow Gold Rope Chains are often at the top of the list. They are similar to entry-level accessories for men because they are simple, and they go with anything.

Get over the invisible barrier that you may have regarding the jewelry, and be part of a new height of fashion.

For men, chains, or necklaces are amongst the hardest pieces of jewelry to wear because it is probably the first thing people notice, and it is easily visible to everyone. That is why we are here to tell you how to wear gold chains the right way. 

Define Your Style

Define your style before you go on rocking 10k Yellow Gold Rope Chains like a pro. What works for you might not work for another, as personalities tend to differ. Remember that the type of jewelry or chains you wear says a lot about you.

A rope chain can undoubtedly determine how people you interact with will view you. Put some thought behind your ensemble if you want people to recognize you as a fashionable gent. Every piece of clothing you wear should contribute to the image you want to be associated with.

Choosing a 10k Yellow Gold Diamond Cut Rope Chain for a man is tricky unless you do not plan on displaying it. It is not uncommon for people to wear accessories that have sentimental value, only to keep them tucked away from the public’s eye. 

First, you should understand that the rules are different when it comes to men. You cannot wear chunky or custom jewelry when going for an evening event. On the other hand, women are bound to look stunning if they paired chunky jewelry with their evening gowns.

For women, necklaces usually become a center-piece of their outfit. While for men, your chain better complements your overall look; otherwise, it won’t accentuate your outfit, which means that wearing anything that feels overwhelming is not recommended.

Your necklace should always look natural. Try to ensure that it feels like something you have been wearing for years. You can also wear a brand new rope chain and give the impression that you are wearing it for years. You don’t want to be noticed because of your chain, but instead, you want to appear stylish. And if people gravitate towards you without really knowing why, it feels good. Moreover, you should try to feel comfortable in your skin so that people get the impression that you have always been fashionable. 

Explore Different Styles 

Now that you have an idea of the basics, we move on to exploring different styles that work for you. There are several ways you can wear 10k gold rope chains without appearing conspicuous. You want to go for styles that are easy to pull off. After you get the hang of it, you can dive into a bit more daring styles. Let us look at some classic styles for men that’ll give you the edge you are looking for:

       i) Rope Chains

Rope chains are fashionable accessories because they can be styled in many ways. You can choose to wear them raw or add a pendant to the chain. Either way, they will definitely work well with almost any attire you pair them with.

       ii) Dog Tags

This is probably the most common style among men, and you do not necessarily have to be in the military to wear dog tags. Perhaps you only need specialized pendants that go with your 10k Yellow gold chains.

You can also personalize your tags, and add text to them to make them look like actual military tags. You can add whatever information you like and wear them with a ball chain.

      iii) Religious Emblems

People wear religious emblems to show their strong religious beliefs. A personal display of faith can do well to reinforce your image. Till now, the Christian cross on a chain is one of the most popular and recognizable pendants. 

Choose a Rope Length which suits you best

Depending on their purpose, gold chains for men can vary in length. They can be as short as 14 inches and as much as 30 inches long. Here are the Rope Length categories you should look out for:

  • 14 to 18 inches

These are the shortest gold chains, popularly known as chokers. You should try considering the width of your neck before buying a choker. You can decide to have it form-fitting or hanging a little based on your preference. Chokers look good if they are visible above your clothes and be a bit thick.

  • 20 to 24 inches

Well, this is the most common length that many men prefer. It usually falls between the first & second buttons of your shirt. You can choose to wear 20-24 inches chains inside or outside your shirt. This rope chain length is ideal for dog tags, pendants, & Christian crosses.

  • 26 to 30 inches

These chains are meant to be worn outside your shirt as they fall in the “bling-bling” category. You can wear them as it is, or pair them with large pendants to make a statement.

Some of our best in class 10k Yellow Gold Rope Chains

Real 10k Yellow Gold Moon Cut Chain Necklace 28Inch 4mm, Diamond Cut Rope, Cuban, N

Diamond cut rope chains display a level of prestige that cheap chains can’t deliver. The 10k yellow gold rope chains define pure luxury, and this moon cut chain has a first-class semblance that captures everyone’s attention. All our jewelry has a high polish finish for that bright, vibrant gold appearance we all crave. Our collection is incredibly attractive & has everything you desire.

Sure, you can buy a gold-plated chain, but is it the same? Our 10k gold jewelry is magnificently timeless, and it’ll make you noticeable when you go out. Add a layer of confidence to your attire, knowing you didn’t settle for less, and present the final touch.

REAL 10K Yellow Gold Rope Chain Necklace Diamond-Cut 4mm 22”

The classic Diamond cut rope chain is known to be both classic and timeless. It perfectly complements professional, formal, or casual outfits by itself or with your favorite jewelry or accessory. This necklace is perfect for every event, and you can wear it as a daily accessory, or even for an evening event. Apart from being very classy-looking and elegant, the Diamond Cut on the chain also makes everything shinier.

This one is trendy and a great gift for any occasion. It is an excellent gift for your special someone for any holiday or event and a great addition to any jewelry collection!

10K Gold Chain for Men Real Yellow Gold Rope 5mm, 19 Inch Diamond cuts, Cuban

This 10k Real Yellow Gold Cuban Rope chain with diamond cuts consists of numerous small oval links forming a twisting pattern to produce a flexible, woven gold rope design. To exude extra luster & brilliance from this chain, interestingly, many tiny, precise diamond cuts are applied. The 5mm, 19 inch Diamond Cut Rope Chain is amongst the most classic & popular chain styles for men out there. And with the perfect combination of elegance and ingenuity, it can be great for you.

REAL 10k Yellow Gold Rope Chain Diamond Cut 4mm 22” Inch, solid gold, Strong, Cuban

This high-quality 4mm, 22-inch solid gold rope chain with diamond cuts will not fade, tarnish, or discolor as it is crafted with Pure 10k Yellow Gold and made with the highest manufacturing standards. Each link is hand polished to give the chain that classic, bright 10k gold shine and make you look good.

The classic chain is known to be both timeless & versatile, and at 4mm width and 22-inch length, it is perfectly capable of wearing by itself or with your favorite piece of jewelry.

Global Watches 10 has a magnificent 10k Gold Jewelry Collection

At Global Watches, we always try to ensure that you figure out the image you want to project before beginning your jewelry buying journey. Your chains, especially gold rope chains, should look natural on you because they might very well be an essential part of your ensemble, and could work well as a complementary piece as well. When are you getting one?