• Aug 11, 2021
  • by aziz sukhyani

Gold chains are more than just an accessory. An 18-inch gold chain is not just a status symbol but also has the potential to transform your overall look. However, it is very important to style it properly to achieve a desirable look. 

Not every yellow element happens to be gold so you need to be extra careful about its authenticity. We will be sharing the ways in which you can check the quality of gold before you invest in it.

Top 5 Ways to evaluate the quality of gold

Gold never goes out of style. Because of its both- qualitative and quantitative worth, it is normal to have a suspectful eye on the sellers who might entrap you in unjust deals or worse, sell you fakes, known as ‘artificial gold pieces’. 

To safeguard yourself from frauds and outsmart such types of sellers, it is vital to be educated about this business. Don’t worry as it is not anything like rocket science. To simple out things for you, here are our top tips to help you distinguish the real from artificial gold-  

  • Marked with Hallmark - A hallmark is a small carving that is engraved on the surface of gold jewelry pieces. They are usually present in very unnoticeable parts so that the design or beauty of the piece is not affected. This Hallmark is more than a mark, it is your proof of authenticity. It verifies the pureness of the components of the gold chain. Well-named and reputed gold chain manufacturers add a hallmark and don’t miss out on it. If you don’t see one, feel free to take it as a red flag and don’t make the purchase. 

  • Porcelain tile test –The easiest way of finding out the genuineness of the gold chain is simpler than you think. You can do it by rubbing it on an unglazed porcelain tile. Ensure that you are not too violent while doing it as you don’t want to damage the piece. After you are done, look at the color left by the piece on the tile closely. A genuine gold piece will leave behind the tile as golden or yellowish stained. If you’ve come across a fake piece, it will leave behind a black stain. 

  • Magnet - Another easy testing can be done by checking if the gold chain is magnetic or not. Your gold chain should show no signs of magnetism. If it does, it means that the quality of the jewelry piece has been mixed by incorporating cheap elements like iron and nickel. It will result in the gold piece showing magnetic qualities. While it is a simple and doable test, it cannot be considered a failsafe as some fraud manufacturers can also use non-magnetic elements like lead, aluminum, etc to stall this test.

  • Acid Test – This test falls on the slightly less doable side of the scenario considering the ingredients that are present. If you wish and are able to procure the required items, you can do it with nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, or sulphuric acid. You just need to drop a very small amount of acid on the surface of the jewelry piece. Remember, to failsafe this test you specifically need to test the body of the piece and not its clasps as some manufacturers can be smart enough to just make the clasps out of gold to fool you. If the acid fails to cause a reaction on the gold piece, there is a high possibility that you have a genuine item in hand. However, if there is a chemical reaction, it can show that you’re being conned by the seller who is selling you a gold-plated piece or a piece that has negligible composition percentage of real gold, which isn’t the deal you want to go for. 

  • Appraiser – This is a sure-shot way of determining how authentic your gold chain is. This method can be expensive but if you are making a high-risk purchase, it is suggested to pay for an appraiser to be on the safer side and free from risks. 

Difference between white gold and platinum 

People tend to get confused between white gold and platinum because of the similarity in the color but turn out they are night and day!

Platinum is a metal that is hypoallergenic and it is known to keep its shine effortlessly. All you need to do is wash it every now and then with soap and water and it will be as shiny and lustrous as new.

Platinum is also more durable and scratch-resistant as compared to pure gold in its original form. However, platinum is chic and it is also a thicker metal. It means the same size chain will require more platinum in the manufacturing stage. It states that a platinum chain can be nearly double the price of an 18-inch gold chain.

Platinum is also tough to work with that results in a hike in the labor required and hence resulting in a boost in the cost too. The common alloy of platinum used for jewelry is 95 percent platinum and 5 percent other metals.

White gold is surely more reasonable than platinum and it is usually more robust as well as scratch and dent resilient than platinum.

Style your gold and silver jewelry together!

If you think that you are NOT supposed to mix the metals then you are so wrong. However, things have changed and fashion is your experiment gone right! You can surely mix silver and 18-inch gold chains and play around with designs to come up with a new trend.

However, even if you overdo it, don’t forget that it can look too chunky and blingy to the eyes. It shouldn’t look like you wore everything that you had and that you are trying too hard to grab the attention.

One famous style is to layer up your 18-inch gold chain. However, you should keep few things in mind to ace that look like a boss.  

  1.   Pick the outfit first

It is very important for the jewelry to match with your outfit or it will look like you just wore the first thing that you came across. Pick your outfit first and then decide on the jewelry. It will make it easier for you to decide what you want to pair it up with. It is going to set the tone for the jewelry or the 18-inch gold chain. It is basic that a high neckline won’t go with a long necklace. On the other hand, a plunging neckline will enhance the look when you wear a gold pendant necklace.

  1.   Focus on the symmetry 

Mixing up the metals is obviously going to draw attention to your neck. You need to pay attention to the symmetry for the correct balance of gold and silver jewelry. Lack of symmetry is the primary reason why mixing gold and silver may cause an unpleasing effect.

Apart from the symmetry, you should also pay attention to a specific theme and design for a balanced look. The best part is that gold and silver jewelry combinations for neckpieces make it easier for you to personalize your look.

Adding a gold pendant to a silver chain work like a charm that adds up to the style. Always keep in mind that whether you opt for gold and silver necklaces or rings, the key is to maintain a balance.

The combination you settle on must strike the balance as you wouldn’t like to look like you have added the gold bling because you had no other options.

  1.   Give a twist to Gold Pendant Necklace

You can add a twist to the gold and silver jewelry to complement your personality just like coupling up your 18-inch gold chain. Try to experiment with different colors to see what is going to suit you the best.

  1.   Buy mixed metal pieces 

Jewelers are coming up with the idea of mixing up metals to give a nice effect. You will find several silver pieces mixed with classy gold pieces for a stunning effect.

  1.   Opt for a good quality gold pendant necklace

If you are going for a gold pendant necklace, ensure that you pick the best quality one. No matter how beautiful your outfit is, if you have a cheap-looking chain then it is going to be a bummer. If you want your gold and silver to complement each other, you should use high-quality metals.

  1.   Don’t overdo it

You might feel that adding in more pieces will be cool. However, there is a fine line between cool and clumsy. If you are mixing the metals, you should be cautious with them. You can go for different metals and see what suits you the best and works out in your favor.

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