• Jun 15, 2021
  • by aziz sukhyani

Jewelry never goes out of trend, and it’s true for both men and women. When you’re buying gold jewelry, you usually look for pure gold. People usually buy 14k and 18k Gold Jewelry as pure gold or 24k gold doesn’t suit everyone perfectly. If you’re buying engagement rings, earrings, and other jewelry made of gold, browse through our options at Global Watches 10, we’re sure you’ll find your match here.

Further, the purity of gold is measured by using the karat; it gives you information on what percentage of gold is made up of pure gold. A gold karat is expressed in different parts out of 24. For instance, pure gold is 24k, as all 24 parts consist of pure gold. Many people might have been looking for the perfect jewelry, so here we are with the best options out there.

18k gold consists of 18 parts of pure gold mixed differently with the metals, and it depends on the color of gold, like white, rose, & yellow gold. These metals could include nickel, silver, zinc, copper, among others. 75% of gold expresses 18k of pure gold.

14k Gold Jewelry consists of 14 parts with pure gold. The 14k gold jewelry consists of 58.3% of the total metal. Choosing the right type of gold for your jewelry is still necessary, and you need to choose it wisely. Whether it is 14k or 18k Gold Jewelry, we’ll help you choose the right type for yourself. 



Here are the benefits of 14k and 18k gold jewelry that will easily help you choose the jewelry:

Advantages of 14k Gold Jewelry

14k and 18k Gold have several advantages. Of course, 14k gold is more affordable. 14k gold jewelry makes up 58.3% of the gold content and usually costs less than the same ring made from 18k gold. 14k and 18k Gold Jewelry are commonly used for engagement rings. They’re both popular and unique. 14k gold is perfect for durability and cost, and it is more comfortable than 18k gold jewelry.

14k Gold is not as durable as platinum, but it is sturdy enough to wear daily. 14k is more durable than the 18k, and it can be the better choice for you. Although 14k gold jewelry looks stunning, it is not as pure as 18k gold. They are relatively pure and possess a rich and warm color.

If you need comfortability, then choosing the 14k Gold Jewelry is the best option.

Advantages of 18k Gold Jewelry

18k gold jewelry has the biggest advantage. How? When it comes to purity, nothing can beat 18k Gold. Jewelry made from 18k gold offers the gorgeous appearance of nearly pure gold with most of the practical benefits of an alloy.

The extra purity can be seen in 18k yellow or rose gold, showing a warmer, more vibrant tone than the 14k jewelry.

The higher the purity level of 18k makes it more appealing and attractive. So 18k gold jewelry is more in demand, but it needs extra care. If you are looking for purity, then choosing 18k won’t be a bad option. 


14k and 18k gold jewelry seem to be always in trend. Both can be an excellent choice, but each of them has its advantages and disadvantages.

If you are a person who is highly active and thought to wear gold jewelry casually, then 14k Gold Jewelry can be your choice. 14k Gold Jewelry is durable and affordable. On the other hand, if you are concerned about durability and looking for the purest gold, then 18k Gold can be the better choice.

Yellow Gold vs. White Gold vs. Rose Gold

You might have heard about the varieties of different metals, colors, among others. Gold is one of the best options and an excellent choice for buying 14k or 18k Gold Jewelry for jewelry. 

Yellow Gold

While we often think that yellow gold seems pure and yellow gold is an alloy, you should know that it’s assumed that the higher the karat amount, the pure will be the gold. 18k and 14k Gold Jewelry are used for the wedding as they are attractive.

Yellow gold is a perfect choice for everyone. It looks classy and mostly matches the darker skin tones. However, it looks less impressive with light skin tones, meaning white or rose. Therefore, yellow gold might be a better choice for some people. In general, though, yellow gold is a stylish choice for everyone, and it perfectly matches your style.

White Gold

The main difference between yellow and white gold is that white gold contains gold and white metal. White Gold’s purity can easily be defined in karats. White Gold is a fantastic choice. Choosing white gold gives you a cool and sophisticated look. When you look at white gold vs. rose gold and yellow gold, you will see that it looks nice with all the skin tones and is one of the best jewelry options.

Rose Gold

You might have heard about rose gold one several times. Rose Gold is sometimes referred to as red gold or pink gold. Like yellow and white gold, rose gold is trendy and is the best choice for those who have warm skin tones. The rose color stands out from others, and it makes the best combination for every occasion. Rose Gold Jewelry offers a classic and elegant look.

The elegance and the grace in rose gold jewelry are different from anything else. Rose gold jewelry is so much in trend nowadays that it can add to your class straight away.


As mentioned already, gold jewelry is never outdated and never goes out of trend. Therefore, choosing the 14k Gold Jewelry is one of the best ideas. It gives you a modern and stylish look on any occasion. You don’t have to search more about the in-trend latest gold jewelry. 

Experiment with 14k Rose Gold Wedding Ring Trend

The groom and bride wear the ring when they both are engaged. Rose Gold Wedding Rings add a class to your look. Pure gold is naturally soft, so to make it tough, 14k is used more in jewelry. The different metals are used in the alloys to make them harder and better.

These rings look a bit distinctive but still can be said to be common. The key point is that rose gold will never fade as compared to yellow and white gold. 

Picking a perfect wedding band is what a person wants. Rose gold Engagement rings are stunning and fashionable. In addition, classic and Vintage designs are a great source of inspiration and will help you stay with you for a long time.

Style Yourself with 14k White Gold Ring Differently

Options in 14k White Gold Rings are endless; you will get the subtle and pure white color with a fascinating look. The contrasting color of gemstone makes it more attractive and unique. White Gold rings are the best options if you’re looking to move beyond the yellow gold shade. These are some of the most in-trend rings that give you the option to wear them on any occasion.

If you are looking for something unique, then this is one of the best rings. Style yourself 14k white gold rings differently, and try to mix and match your style with white gold jewelry from Global Watches 10.

Choosing the Right Size for Rings

Men get confused about how to select the right size. It is helpful to have the perfect size and style in mind when thinking about buying the ring. The rings are never perfect if they don’t have the right size, and choosing the right size for men’s rings sometimes becomes tough.

The right size makes a big difference with a gold ring. The wider band will make your style statement a bit different as compared to the others. However, you can easily measure it and choose accordingly.

The most preferred method is to measure up between two sizes; it’s best to go for the bigger size to guarantee that you will be comfortable, especially if you are going for a wider band. And, if you’re ready to style yourself, at Global Watches 10, we’ll help you choose the right ring.


Styling yourself with these amazing pairs of jewelry from Global Watches 10 can make you look stylish, adding a class to your look. So go with the best gold jewelry and make yourself look stylish and unique.

If you want to stay updated with the trend, you can choose any magnificent gold jewelry pieces from Global Watches 10 and accentuate your look.