• Jun 14, 2021
  • by aziz sukhyani

Gold Rope Chains are an iconic part of men’s fashion. A few years back, people had no idea about the popularity of these chains. So, gold rope chains were designed to experiment with wearable jewelry pieces from precious metals and other fashion trends. 

Today, chains, pendants, and other pieces of jewelry have become a status symbol for everyone. The flashy jewelry and expensive gems have represented the wealth of the monarch as also for the celebrities. 

You might have seen the latest hip-hop culture, and there are endless numbers of styles that you can match. So, let’s discuss some of the trends in men’s gold chains: 

Current trends in Gold Rope Chains and other gold chains you can check out at Global Watches 10

  1. Gold Rope Chains

Gold Rope Chains are amongst the popular chain necklaces. This type of chain has small links like a twisted, spiral-like pattern, similar to the rope. It doesn’t matter whether you are a businessman or a rapper; this chain fits everyone.

A Gold Rope Chain has an elegant and beautiful look and is considered one of the strongest chains. If you wish to wear it with a pendant, it adds extra class to your look. These chains are pretty unique and don’t break down easily, especially if it’s made partly or fully of stainless steel.

  1. Curb Chain necklaces

Curb Chain Necklaces are another classic addition to men’s chains. A curb chain has a basic chain design, and these types of chains consist of interlocked identical links.

Curb Chain Necklaces are for every occasion, and these are thinner than 5 mm which is assumed to be a great choice. However, you can’t wear curb chains with pendants. If you’re looking for something subtle and stylish, adding this to your wardrobe will be an intelligent choice.

  1. Figaro chain necklaces

Figaro Chain Necklaces are quite similar to the curb chains; these chains are simple yet elegant. The only difference is that they have longer and oval-shaped links. The Figaro chain had its origin in Italy, and these were most popular in the 1990s. 

If you’re looking for something classy and sophisticated, these neck chains are the best choice for men’s standards. However, the latest trend shows that the Figaro necklace goes well with a pendant, too. 

  1. Box chain necklaces

Box chains are strong and made of square links. These are elegant and sturdy ball chains, which are also known as dog tag necklaces. The unique and durable box chain necklaces always stand out from the crowd. These are the timeless classic things that give you a sophisticated look. 

  1. Wheat chain necklaces

The links in wheat chain necklaces create a beautiful, braided pattern that adds extra style to your looks. The wheat link chains resemble a wheat stalk that is quite different from other chains, and the design of this chain is harmonious and symmetrical and quite pleasing to the eye. These chains are thicker and best worn by themselves, with or without a pendant. You can’t deny the fact that these chains are still popular and have traditional patterns in them. It is an excellent option if you’re looking to dress casually or be your baller self. 

  1. Rolo chain necklaces

Rolo chains are the most delicate type of chain but have class and standard. If you think of something casual yet special, the Rolo chain is for you. Rolo chains carry their charm on every occasion and best compliment modern and stylish men. 

  1. Bead chain necklaces

Beaded necklaces have their class and style. Bead chains are pretty unique as they’re made up of stone, puka shells, wood beads, and semi-precious stone beads over easy-going surfer bead necklaces.

Bead Chain necklaces are high-class and have a unique style and grace. Men of wealth who have a class sport these chains to make them stand out of the crowd.

What size of Gold Rope chains do men prefer?

No one can deny the fact that gold rope chains and other chains are coming into fashion again. If you’re ready to go with the online trends, figure out your budget and start browsing the latest collection from Global Watches 10. So, deck your neck out with some of the most popular styles of gold rope chains.

Considering a budget-friendly gold chain is always a priority. It doesn’t matter whether you think of wearing the chain with or without a pendant; choosing the right size and style is one of the most important things.

In this blog, we’ll be discussing the length and different sizes of rope gold chains and how perfectly you can choose them. Read on for more:

Chain Width

The thickness of the chain massively depends on the budget. Most jewelers value their gold chains on weight which is sometimes a bit expensive. Generally, men’s gold chains range from 1-25mm in thickness.

It is important to remember that certain styles of gold chains tend to be widely available in different sizes. The wide chains are ‘Heavy Gold Chains’, whereas the thinner ones are called ‘Light Gold Chains.’

Chain Length

Length is another important factor when you’re considering buying Gold Rope Chains. The most important factor is considering the right size for the gold chains that you are wearing. The most common lengths of the gold chain start from 18 inches to 36 inches. Men generally care about the length and size, and that’s good because it makes a difference to your look.

As a thumb rule, an 18-inch gold chain will fit near your collar on a crew neck t-shirt. A 20-inch gold chain will perfectly fit the collar and on a V-neck t-shirt. If you choose a longer chain, it’ll lie up to the bottom of your chest. That’s why, for some, 28 and 30-inch gold chains will be a perfect fit. 

Finally, 36-inch gold chains are not in trend, but they usually rest on the top of your stomach. It gives you an idea about the measurements while buying the gold rope chains.

While buying the gold chains, it is also essential to remember the perfect size and length. The gold chain varies differently according to height and weight. Therefore, you get a better idea of your length and size.

So, that’s all about gold chains length and width that you need to know while choosing the chains for you.

Do Gold Rope Chains break easily? 

Gold Rope Chains have been popular for several decades. You have many choices when you are shopping for rope chains. Whether looking for a regular, diamond, or hollow design, 10k or 14k gold rope chains are the best options. Of course, you have the choices of yellow, rose, and white gold chains.

The number one question we always receive at Global Watches 10, no matter your choice, is whether your rope chains break easily? And how durable are gold rope chains?

So, let’s discuss more gold rope chains as per our experience and the authenticity of the customers. The best purchase that people made with us is 10k and 14k Yellow Gold Hollow Cut Rope Chains.

Remember, Fine Gold Jewelry is Luxurious and one of the favorite and trendy in the market. Gold Rope chains are luxurious too, and you can wear them and show them off to others simultaneously because it symbolizes your status and achievements in life. 

Whether you buy 10k, 14k, 18k, or 24K Gold, it still is real gold and should be treated with love and care. Take care of your chains because they symbolize your status and achievement.

Modern Gold Chain Styles for Everyone at Global Watches 10

As far as Gold Rope Chains are concerned, there are various options available at Global Watches 10. When you think of buying a gold rope chain or necklace online at Global Watches 10, rest assured, it’ll be genuine. 

Looking for the best collection of men’s gold rope chains? You have thousands of options to choose from, and everything from the general style of the chain to the type of metal, and of course, the length and thickness is available with us. 

Check out the high-quality gold chains available from Global Watches 10. Whether you are looking for the latest trendy design or the 80s rope chain design, Global Watches got you what you need. So, start shopping now.