• Mar 15, 2021
  • by aziz sukhyani

Knock-knock! Gear up your mask, please.


During these pandemic times, how to slay with your dazzling smile and looks? Worry no more because it’s not only your hidden face that defines you; your jewelry defines you as well. Whether it is Milano Chains, Milano Rope Chains, Men’s Gold Rope Chains, 10k Yellow Gold Rope Chain, we at Global Watches 10 have it all. We are here with amazing eye-capturing ideas about the trending jewelry of 2021, which will speak louder than your masked face.


Whether you’re getting ready for a Zoom call or meeting a friend with a mask on, your jewelry will remain by your side. Jewelry is not only for women, plus as a man, if you’re worried about being catchy and following the latest trend, stick to this blog because we at Global Watches 10 have explored the latest jewelry trend for men for 2021, another year of video calls and masks.


The first thing which captures anyone’s eye after your face is your neckline. The old outlook about men wearing jewelry has been left miles away, and men are coming with the good taste in choosing the best jewelry for their own. Keep reading on to find out more about what we are talking about!




What material you should wear has always been questionable. There are plenty of options available nowadays, and Gold is on top of that. Gold has always been a choice from the past to the present. Choosing the right quality of Gold, like 10k or 14k, decides the reflection, depth of color, and shine of the jewelry. Gold plated jewelry is also in trend now if you don’t want to keep yourself in the box of security questions wearing pure gold.


Men also choose silver as it is subtle and goes with all kinds of clothes you wear without worrying about the color, which gives an easy-going look, and more on that, it is feasible to wear a piece of silver jewelry.


Where and How


The trend for new fashion is not only around the markets anymore. This is an online world where you can find anything available on your screen and order on your snap, but we brought you the best options at a feasible price and without any quality issues.


Trust is all you can rely on, and that’s what Global Watches 10 stands for. At Global Watches 10, we offer many sparkling 10k and 14k gold jewelry options for both women and men across the US with easy returns and have been in demand for years in the jewelry industry. GW10 presents vibrant colors and gemstones of different colors from luxurious designers, which will always steal your heart.        


Milano Chains


Global Watches 10 offers a variety of Gold chains across the spectrum. We offer several jewelry options; here are some trendy designs for men-

Miami Cuban Chain 7.8 MM :

Milano offers a very simple and diligent Miami Cuban Chain for men. The building metal is 14k Gold, and its weight is approx 106 g, and length differs according to your demand. The price of the Miami Cuban Chain 7.8 mm gold chain at Global Watches 10 is the best in the market. So get them now.


This chain is available in different lengths, 24-inch and 26-inch, many more.


14k Miami Cuban Gold Chain:  

If you don’t like the shiny golden, you can go for this chain. It defines your neck and is also available in different sizes. You can buy this 14k Miami Cuban Gold chain for a very reasonable price, and it also offers monthly EMI.                                    


Sterling Silver Large Cuban Necklace:


This sterling silver metal is all you need to shine on whatever occasion it is. Whether a house party or a small gathering during this mask on the season. Silver always rules the heart. This Sterling Silver Large Cuban Necklace is available on Global Watches 10 for very low prices, but keep in mind that sizes can vary accordingly.


These are the trendy designs that Global Watches 10 offers for men. Customization is also available on several products according to your preferences. We cater to customers around the country and meet your gaiety. If not, give a shot at other available trends here.


Men’s Gold rope chains


Men’s rope chains are never off the air. We see the rope chains on the neckline of rappers, but it’s a fashion trend for all now. Fit for all types of classy moments, plus Rope Chains always steal an eye for a look. Some remarkable designs Rope Chains are-


Men’s 14K Yellow Gold Heavy 19” Rope Chain Necklace:

This 14k yellow gold rope chain has a perfect design, and this design is purely handcrafted and secured with a safety latch. You can match it to any preferable design pendant. The measurement of this 14k yellow Gold heavy 19-inch Rope Chain necklace is given with a safety lock.


Figaro men’s necklace:

Figaro is the design that is chosen by the trendy and fashionable men out here. Figaro is a gold link chain design with a pattern of 2 or 3 circular gold circles and joined by an oval gold circle. These Figaro chains are famous in Italy and twinkles with diamond and gold pendants.

14k Gold PVD plating steel:

14k Gold PVD Plating Steel


This Gold plated neckline is suitable if you don’t want to invest in gold but wants to look similar. This Gold PVD plating steel is available at a very low price, ranging from $200 to 300.


Franko Link Design for Men:

Franco Chain


The Franko link Chain available at Global Watches 10 is designed and crafted by Italian manufacturers. It is a design having curved links and tightly bound patterns. Franko link design is perfect for mature looking. It gives a rectangular look, and from the outside, it looks like a V shape. This chain is available in many different weights. You have often seen many rappers wearing a Franko link design as it is so catchy, so get one from Global Watches 10 now.

Box chain for men:


Box chain

Box chain is crafted, keeping the box-like resembling, which looks awesome with the pendant hanging with any box. These boxes are made with 14k Gold squares and added together to look like a box chain. This box chain for men is a trending design of 2021.

Moon cut chain for men:

Moon cut chain


Moon cut chain is suitable for all kinds of occasions. The moon-cut balls make their design extra vulnerable and ideal for daily wear purposes. Each ball has a perfect diamond cut that shines and reflects the lights and is called moon-like. This design is never out of trend, whether today or tomorrow. The Moon cut chain is the demanded one among the men.

Byzantine chain for men:

Byzantine Chain for men


If you want a flexible design with a look of ancient sculpture, you must go for the Byzantine chain design. This design is crafted with the different patterns and joining them to develop a design that connects you from the 5th century. This Byzantine design is crafted by adding similar patterns, flats, boxes, and many others and joining in pairs.

Picking this elegant masterpiece defines your sense of fashion which never fades away. This design looks classy both in gold or silver and for extra effectiveness, you can prefer one with diamonds in it. This design looks awesome with a pendant or cross.

Herringbone chain for Men:

 Herringbone Chain for Men

The Herringbone chain is the most liquefied quality. It can be molded, and its links lie entirely flat close. This Herringbone chain can be twisted and gives a different shape. This gives a heavy snake shine look to the neckline and comes with a different variety of 10k and 14k gold.

Double chain necklace for men


Double Chain For men

If you’re done looking for something personal that can be the best fit on the shirts and the T-shirts both, then double chain necklaces are the taste that goes for office time or adventurous time. This double chain necklace with pendants hanging till your chest gives that killer look and matches the latest jewelry trend for 2021. Or one that peeps up from the top button of your shirt’s collar. No matter what you choose, it reflects the personality and encapsulates the journey of your life.


Pendant necklaces

If you are trying to have an extra bold look, choose the jewelry with a pendant with several options available. You can carry different kinds of pendants in trends like box, coin, ring, feather, triangle, and many more. The trendy jewelry for 2021 comes with a risk-taking style that turns into a symbol of styling. If you have Milano Chains, Milano Rope Chains, Men’s Gold Rope Chains, or 10k Yellow Gold Rope Chain in mind, browse through our collection or contact Global Watches 10 now. Rest assured, you’ll never be disappointed with our collection.