• Jun 14, 2022
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Jewelry has been one of the earliest embellishments worn by humans as it helps to enhance and accentuate one's look. Chain necklaces are the most common choice of ornamentation in the modern age as they go with different pendants and necklaces. An 18-inch chain necklace in sterling silver is one of the most versatile pieces of jewelry you can add to your collection.


People have worn chain necklaces for generations now. Today, you can pick your favored style from several options, including chains in different materials, sizes, lengths, thicknesses, etc.


18-inch thin chains in sterling silver are pretty popular among people of all ages as they can be used for ceremonial, religious, and funerary purposes. Or you can simply wear them to make a fashion statement.


Sterling silver became a standard for fine jewelry, mixing pure silver with other alloys to create a more robust metal. This bright and radiant metal is not only affordable but also durable.


This article will tell you everything you need to know about 18-inch chain necklaces in sterling silver.


Let’s Start With a Very Basic Question: What are Chain Necklaces?


A chain is a necklace designed to be worn around your neck. It usually comprises strings of metal or links put together to create a continuous chain worn by itself or paired with charms and pendants.


Are Sterling Silver Chains the Same as Silver Chains?


Sterling Silver is an alloy containing 92% silver and 8% other metals, usually copper. In comparison, fine silver is 99.9% pure silver that is comparatively soft and malleable.


If you plan to include an 18-inch silver chain in your jewelry collection, you may want to understand the chain designs available in sterling silver.


Here are the 7 Types of 18-inch Chain Designs in Sterling Silver


1.    Cable Chain Necklace -


Cable Chains are the most common style of chain necklaces. You may have heard of these before as well. These chains are famous and highly recommended by top fashion experts and stylists.


A cable chain features a series of identical round or oval links. Each link is connected to the next, forming a chain. It is the most classic type of thin chain necklace design.


Some cable chains are round, while others are flat. These eye-catching thin chains look stunning with a pendant or even by themselves.


2.    Curb Chain Necklace -


Did you know that “curb” comes from Middle English and originally meant “a curved piece of wood?”


Curb Chains are another popular choice with a simple and classic look. Their flat and twisted links interlock together to create a unique chain design.


  1. Figaro Chain Necklace -


Figaro chains are a type of cable chain with non-uniform flat links. It usually has 2-3 shorter links separated by a longer one. It was first created in Italy and later became popular in the United States.


Both men and women can wear Figaro chains because of their gender-neutral appeal.


  1. Rope Chain Necklace -


A rope chain consists of several links. Each link is connected tightly, forming a twisted rope-like structure.


The textured look can beautifully reflect light from all angles. Thus, the rope chains are the most lustrous and shiny type of chain. There are many different designs used to create intricate as well as complex versions of rope chains.


An 18-inch thin rope chain in sterling silver looks great with a pendant and will last you for a long time. A rope chain is a perfect necklace for daily wear due to its simple yet intricate sturdy build.


  1. Box Chain Necklace -


A Box Chain consists of several cubed links instead of oval or round links. These small cubes are linked together to form a chain, the Box Chain Necklace, also referred to as the Venetian Chain. The box-like structure of the chain increases its stability and durability.


Are you thinking of adding a pendant to your Box Chain? Make sure you go for an 18-inch chain necklace in sterling silver. A thin chain crafted from sterling silver will complement your pendant perfectly while offering durability. 


  1. Snake Chain Necklace -


Snake Chains are also referred to as Brazilian Chains. These chains are made of small plates or bands tightly woven with thin links to form a smooth and sleek structure. As the name suggests, the design of these flexible chains resembles the body of a snake. 


Snake Chains are very flexible, although the structure may seem tightly knit. These chains are available in different sizes and materials. However, the 18-inch thin chain necklace in sterling silver is the most stylish and easy to maintain.


  1. Mariner Chain Necklace -


The Mariner Chain is also known as the Anchor Chain Necklace. The interlocking links have bars directly down the center. This aesthetically pleasing thin chain has a distinctive appearance.


Earlier, Mariner Chains used to be flat, but lately, there's been an increased demand for a new type of Mariner Chain called the puffed mariner. It has a powerful look of its own. It also looks great when paired with a pendant.


Thicker mariner chains are popular with men, whereas women favor the more delicate necklaces.


How the Length and Width Affect the Style of 18-inch Chains in Sterling Silver


An 18-inch chain necklace is considered a choker by most men. Depending on the circumference of a man's neck, the necklace may fall an inch below a man's Adam's apple.


On the other hand, an 18-inch chain necklace is a popular choice among women, too, and falls right below the throat at the collarbone. This length is popular for adding pendants, and the piece will hang over a crew neck t-shirt.


Where to Buy These Stunning Chain Necklaces of your choice 


Different types of chain designs suit different styles. We hope you have a better idea about the 18-inch chain necklaces in sterling silver that you use to make a personal fashion statement.


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