• Jan 19, 2021
  • by aziz sukhyani


Apart from Diamond Pendants, here, in this blog, we’ll take a look at the most talked-about color of the last half-decade and how it’s created a jewelry trend that is here to stay. Once considered an overtly feminine color, pink has now taken on a more mature and ubiquitous persona. It comes as no surprise that our jewelry and accessories have also assumed a rosier form.

But what makes Rose Gold jewelry so alluring? It is tonally warmer than white gold and perhaps softer than yellow gold. It’s luxurious and looks gorgeous at the same time, and is flattering on most skin tones. In essence, Rose Gold has become the new classic for its beauty and versatility.

First fashioned in Imperial Russia in the early 1800s, Carl Fabergé, the renowned jeweler to the Tsars, decorated his most elaborate creations, including the famous Fabergé Eggs with the copper infused precious metal. Dubbed initially as ‘Russian Gold,’ it later got renamed internationally as Rose Gold. The blend of yellow gold, copper, and a hint of sterling silver makes rose gold so complementary and versatile.

When it comes to styling Rose Gold jewelry, the alluring shine and harmonious tone of these Fine Jewelry pieces make it an extremely wearable piece. You’ll also find that 14k Rose Gold looks great worn with other metal hues, lending itself well to stacking and layering.

Rose Gold Necklace

Rose Gold Necklace - Yes, please!

At Global Watches 10, you can enjoy the amazing and trendy Rose Gold necklaces present here with us. Below, we have also highlighted 3 ideas on how to style and wear Rose Gold Necklaces like a pro. They are so popular right now - thus, you’ll surely feel confident and sexy this season.

Moreover, the beauty of Rose Gold Necklaces, regardless of their size or shape, is impressive because of the warm champagne color. The pinkish gold shade looks fantastic on every woman and could make her feel very modern, stylish, and upbeat.

Don’t hesitate to let us know what your favorite type of rose gold necklace or other diamond necklaces are or if you find this blog post helpful and exciting to increase your likeness for Rose Gold Necklaces and more fine jewelry.

Let’s look at some enticing ideas to wear Rose Gold Necklaces in style.

  • Add a pendant Rose Gold necklace to your outfit for a modern look

    A Rose Gold pendant necklace looks so luxurious yet very appropriate even with your most casual outfits. These delicate pendants rose gold necklaces have such a charm and a modern vibe that no one can resist. They’re trendy and easy to style!

    The beauty of rose gold necklaces comes from their simplicity and adjustable properties. For instance, they’re great when combined with off the shoulder tops or dress. You can even wear them with a simple tee and a pair of jeans, and they are also very comfortable to wear.

    Feel free to mix and match your favorite rose gold necklace with other rose gold jewelry pieces such as bracelets, rings, or even layer up your rose gold necklace with other necklaces for a fuller look. Also, you can wear them with casual or chic outfits. Rose gold necklaces from Global Watches 10 are an excellent choice for styling any occasion outfit – they’re delicate, modern, and stylish!

  • Wear a statement Rose Gold necklace for an elegant look

    If you want to jazz up your special occasion outfits or want to accessorize your professional looks, then a statement necklace in the rose gold color could be a great option. The settled color is effortless to pair with monochrome or printed and colorful looks.

    In addition to your plain outfit, you can wear a statement rose gold necklace. Feel free to leave chunky necklaces out as they could always be noticed even if they get a little hidden by your hair. Also, try adding a rose gold bracelet to match your necklace to complete your style. 

    Many times working professionals feel uncomfortable or doubtful when it comes to accessorizing their outfits. However, if you decide to throw on a single-colored fitted dress paired with a blazer and a rose gold necklace, it’ll look stunning and trendy. This way, you’ll also be able to style your professional looks in a very unique & eye-catching way.

    1. A chain Rose Gold necklace makes an excellent choice for an edgy style

    If you are interested in giving instant interest and a cool vibe to your looks, the rose gold chain necklace is a great solution. Also, it looks very daring and bold, yet so modern and appropriate even for business meetings. Besides, the pinkish color makes this bold look more settled and discreet.

    Further, you can style this type of rose gold necklace with many different kinds of outfits. For instance, try combining it with your outfits or more chic looks you can wear during the day. Don’t hesitate to pair your rose gold chain with stud earrings or statement bracelets from Global Watches 10.

    Whenever you wear a chain rather than a delicate necklace, it is imperative to keep in mind the rest of your jewelry pieces. You don’t want to add much other jewelry that has a lot of detail. For example, an excellent way to accessorize your look is to keep it chain-all-the-way or leave your necklace to be your outfit’s statement—jazz up your casuals with a long rose gold chain necklace.

    Fine Jewelry for Everyday Wear at Global Watches 10

    Jewelry is a universal expression of taste, style and a big part of a person’s personal story. It’s worn in every culture and dates back to the earliest civilizations. Undoubtedly, jewelry designs, as well as production techniques, have evolved, as have styles & tastes, but your reasons for wearing diamond pendants and other fine jewelry might be pretty consistent.

    Let’s look at why we wear fine jewelry

    1. Fine jewelry is universal - wherever you go, people wear, sell, and admire jewelry. It intrigues us, inspires us, and captivates us.
    2. Every piece of fine jewelry has a personal story or meaning. Some Diamond Pendants may commemorate a special occasion or achievement, others once belonged to someone important in our lives & still, others were given by someone we hold close to our hearts.
    3. It reflects the wearer, and remember jewelry reflects our tastes, our artistic style, our fashion sense, and our personalities.
    4. Jewelry can complete an outfit, adding that final sense of sophistication and savoir-faire. Its elegance can elevate any look.
    5. There’s a jewelry piece for every occasion, and it can be as formal or informal as you want it to be. Fine jewelry, including Rose Gold Necklaces, and Diamond Pendants, can work with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt as much as they can with a cocktail dress or formal attire.

    So with all these excellent reasons for wearing fine jewelry from Global Watches 10, why shouldn’t it be worn every day?

    Diamond Pendants at Global Watches 10

    Diamond pendants are amongst the most common pieces of jewelry that you possess. But when it comes to styling them with party wear, we feel somewhat confused. When dressing for a party, try going for a diamond pendant with a modern and trendy design. For instance, apart from the heart-shaped or the petal-shaped ones, you can go for something more unconventional, like an owl-shaped pendant.

    Some people always frown at the thought of buying a diamond pendant online, and with good reasons. Shopping for diamonds online is a risky game, but when you shop from Global Watches 10, the quality and authenticity of the jeweler you are buying is the best in the business. Plus, the attractive designs become a huge bonus point.

    Global Watches 10 has an exquisite selection of diamond pendants with us. Given that we are one of the most reputed jewelers out there, we are quite reliable. Our fine jewelry collection has jaw-dropping diamond pendants that are pure and beautiful.

    Shop for Rose Gold Jewelry, and more Fine Jewelry Online at Global Watches 10

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