• Feb 15, 2023
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Whether it's old-money aristocrats, James Bond villains, future kings of England, or mafia men who have made an impression in pop culture, the pinky ring has been adorned by all. It has been a major fashion statement for men for centuries. All have coveted pinky ring fingers, maybe because they stand as a symbol of undying loyalty to your clan or as an emblem of ultimate devotion to your country. 

The great news is that pinky rings have made a major comeback in the men's fashion world. It could be the result of classic mob men flaunting their pinky adornments to represent their loyalty and bond of blood. Or it could be the British royal family who started the trend in the first place. 

Either way, it looks like pinky rings are here to stay! We are here to tell you precisely what a pinky ring is, its meaning and significance, and why it is the jewelry you need to invest in now! 

What is a Pinky Ring?

Pinky Ring


A pinky ring is any ring that you wear on the littlest finger, or "pinky" finger, on your left or right hand. They are usually smaller than regular rings to look more proportionate to the size of your pinky finger. 

While they are an unusual piece of jewelry and not very common, pinky rings can make a great style statement when worn correctly and with panache. They can come in lots of styles and varieties and may have stones and precious metals that signify something particular to a clan, group, or the individual himself. 

These rings can be worn with any men's wear and are an integral part of contemporary fashion. If you want a pinky ring, there is a style out there that will suit the statement you want to make. But what do pinky rings symbolize? 

Why Men Wear Pinky Rings

In Victorian times, these rings were used not only as a personal style statement but also to symbolize a man's social status. A fine-gold band topped with a precious stone or an important insignia, threaded around your tiniest finger, could speak volumes about your place and importance in society. 

Many beautiful rings with house symbols were created using precious metals to signify a man's place in the social strata. In short, these rings signified a man's status and the amount of wealth he had. An interesting bit of trivia: these rings were also a common way of carrying around portable wealth in an emergency. 

To this day, men who wear the pinky ring subtly use it as a way to portray the amount of wealth they have and their social standing. While men often wear only their wedding rings, these type of rings are a favored style statement employed by today's men.

A Brief History of Pinky Rings

Pinky Ring for Men


Pinky rings have been around for quite a while and have a rich and dense history. 

Ancient Romans who wore these rings believed that wearing a simple ring on the littlest finger of your hand was an ingenious way of showing that a person who possessed mass wealth was humble enough not to show it off. The aim was to portray that the wearer was modest and wore the pinky ring with an understanding that he did, indeed, have larger and more expensive rings that he could adorn but wouldn't. 

During the Middle Ages, people used signet rings, a pinky ring, to mark wax with the house seal and coat of arms. These insignias on signet rings acted as a signature and sometimes even hinted at their political allegiance. 

Pinky rings became fashionable in the Victorian era and featured prominently in the aristocratic Englishman's daily wear. Even in the Victorian era, signet rings were used to showcase a gentleman's noble heritage. Englishman eagerly adopted the German tradition of stacking their wedding band with their pinky ring. 

These rings have been a fixture in history and are part of a tradition that has been carried forward to this day. 

Pinky Rings for Men: A Fixture in History and Pop Culture

These rings were used to signify wealth and status during the Middle Ages. Queen Victoria's sons made this a popular piece of jewelry in the 19th Century, which made it a coveted accessory amongst the British nobility. 


Men Pinky Ring


Prominent Historical Figures Who Wore Pinky Rings

  • The Duke of Albany, Prince Leopold, was famous for stacking numerous rings on his pinky finger. 
  • Winston Churchill was another noteworthy figure in history who wore this accessory. 
  • Prince Phillip, consort to Queen Elizabeth II and Duke of Edinburgh, wore his family crest on a pinky ring. 
  • Frank Roosevelt also rocked this accessory in the 20th Century. 
  • King Charles of England has been wearing his signet pinky ring since the late 1970s. 
  • Writer and poet Oscar Wilde also wore a pinky ring during the 20th Century. 

Pop Culture and Pinky Rings

Fast forward to today, with social structures a bit more relaxed and rigid social constructs eliminated, pinky rings can now be worn as a fashion statement rather than a symbol of wealth. Wearing a little ring on your finger can represent your style, mood, and character.

Popular TV shows and movies have regularly featured these rings. In mob movies, these rings were especially used to give off an intriguing look of power. 

Perhaps the most popular showcasing of the pinky ring was in The Godfather, a classic tale of mob men fighting for their family and turf in good ol' America. Al Pacino, as Michael Corleone, styled his pinky ring as an Italian gangster should, with the right attitude and the perfect silk suits. 

The Sopranos, another hit TV show about an Italian mafia family, featured Tony Soprano with a ruby and gold pinky ring. As Mr. White in Reservoir Dogs, Harvey Keitel is another pop culture character who flashed his pinky ring off. 

Almost all groundbreaking mafia movies and TV shows that have become classics, such as Goodfellas, Casino, and The Irishman, have shown mob men wearing pinky rings. Indeed, a mafia man is incomplete without the ring that is a symbolic oath to their family. 

Real-life mobsters such as Al Capone, John Gotti, and Meyer Lansky have also flaunted the rings on their pinky fingers to show off their wealth and status and show their utmost loyalty to their criminal organizations. 

Musicians and Pinky Rings

Musicians and rappers have enthusiastically embraced pinky rings to make a personal style statement. A symbol of elegance, these rings are now used to create a patent look. Many famous musicians throughout history have chosen to flash a pinky ring off, and this ring is used as a fashion statement to this very day. 

Pinky Ring For Men


  • Elvis Presley wore a gold ring on his pinky.
  • Bruno Mars wears a solid gold band with a significantly sized ruby. 
  • Frank Sinatra wore his family crest on his little finger. 
  • James Brown adorned an oversized gold ring on his pinky. 
  • DJ Khaled sported a giant diamond and citrine cocktail ring on his pinky finger for the release poster of his 2012 album "Kiss the Ring."

Many rappers and hip-hop artists wear rings on their pinkies to signify the long road they have traveled to the peak of success. These rings are not only a style statement but a testament to who they were and what they have managed to achieve. 

Types of Pinky Rings

There are many different styles of pinky rings, and you will likely find one that best suits your style and makes the statement you wish to make. We have listed and described the most popular ones for you. 

Signet Rings

Originally, people used a signet ring to seal important documents as a form of authority. Today, signature rings bear a coat of arms, a family insignia, or personalized initials. 

Professional Rings

Professional pinky rings demonstrate an association with a particular profession. The Iron Ring of Canada or The Order of the Engineer pinky ring might be the aptest examples. 

Class Rings

A class ring is one of the most common pinky rings worn by men today, which signifies your association with your high school or an institute of higher learning. Men also wear class rings to showcase their loyalty to their alma mater. 

Fraternal Rings

Fraternal rings are rings worn by a group of men or fraternity members bonded by a common way of thinking or reason. These rings portray their loyalty to their fraternity and can be used to identify other members. 

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