• Sep 15, 2022
  • by aziz sukhyani

The instant you say 'men's jewelry, it's not uncommon to see raised eyebrows in the first place. Men's jewelry can be a tricky topic. For the longest time, people believed that men could only accessorize their wardrobe with a watch or maybe a ring. 

However, those days are long gone. In recent years, men have begun exploring jewelry and are open to wearing different pieces such as chains, bracelets, and earrings to accentuate their look. Hip-hop style iced-out Cuban link chains have become the most popular choice today for men.

Now, jewelry is not only associated with women but also with men. Jewelry reflects who we are as a person, our lifestyle, and our taste. It drives us to stand out from the crowd in a good way. 

Chains have an essential role in fashion. It's all about creating an impactful statement. Hip-hop style iced-out Cuban link chains are trending in this fashion era. Read on to understand more about this trend.

So, What is the Most Famous Iced-Out Hip Hop Jewelry Style?

Before we formally discuss the iced-out chains, let us acknowledge what iced-out jewelry is. 

What is Ice-out jewelry?

In hip-hop and rap culture, "ice" refers to jewelry. "Iced Out" means to be wrapped in jewelry or diamonds. In hip-hop pop culture, those dazzling diamond-encrusted jewels are called Iced jewelry. Mostly it's made of diamonds with base metals such as gold or silver.

However, Iced-out is a distinctive kind of jewelry. This kind of jewelry is expensive because those precious diamonds cover the entire metal crust. Such jewelry pieces are a luxury only a few can afford to buy.

The Origin of Iced-out jewelry

Iced-out jewelry is popular in the hip-hop culture as they live luxurious lives. We can see their expensive lifestyle through music videos, magazines, and shows where they show huge mansions, expensive sports cars, and cash flowing. Since these stars' lifestyles inspire their fans, it has become a trend to wear and show off the bling of iced-out jewelry.

Types of Iced-out jewelry


  • Pure Iced-out Jewelry – 

Pure iced-out jewelry uses costly metals like silver, gold, or platinum. White diamonds in all sizes cover the piece of metal completely. The price of the pure form would usually lie between thousands or hundred-thousands dollars, which a layperson cannot afford.   


  • Iced-out jewelry in the Fashion Industry –

The hip-hop music industry quickly impacted the fashion industry to embrace iced-out jewelry. This type of jewelry began to trend for men in the late 90s. Men wore chunkier pieces like thick chains, rings, and watches.


 Cuban Link Chain – 


Okay, let's get back to business. Iced-out chains mainly consist of Cuban link chains and rope chains. The most popular iced-out jewelry is the Cuban link chain.

cuban link chain


Like any other accessory, a chain is a subtle accent that enhances your personality and overall outfit. The key to appropriately layering your Cuban link chains is to keep them between two to four chains, depending on size, length, and thickness. Each chain should be of a different dimension to avoid getting tangled. Remember to vary the thickness and length of the chain as well. It is best to have one or two chains thicker with pendants while the rest are thinner. You would want people to see your stylish iced-out pendants, don't you?

The Cuban link chain is an absolute classic style popularized by the 80s hip-hop artists. It has stayed a staple in the world of modern hip-hop jewelry.

What Are Cuban Link Chains?

If you are unfamiliar with the Cuban link style, we'll guess that you're probably new to hip-hop jewelry because this is one of the most popular styles in the hip-hop game. For anyone curious about "What is a Cuban link chain?" it's simply a style of chain that features distinctly oval-shaped inter-connected links. Perhaps it is one of the most recognized styles of gold chains in the hip-hop culture.

Cuban link chains are a trendy style of gold chain in Miami, specifically in areas highly populated by Cubans.

Where Did They Originate?

Cuban link chains are said to originate in the 1970s. Although the history is a bit unclear and whether or not this necklace originated in Cuba. The exact origin of the Cuban link style is challenging to specify, but as far as its popularity within the domain of hip hop, it started right when the genre itself began—in the 70s. 

As the years continued and hip-hop artists became mainstream, the Cuban link chain remained an essential part of an artist's swagger. Other designs, like the Dookie chain or rope chain, appeared in style, too, popularized by Run DMC. But, the Cuban link chain has been a staple in the scene.

How can you wear a hip-hop-style iced-out Cuban link chain?

  • You can wear it as it is or solo.

This fashion doesn't need a pendant, particularly if you're rocking a chain with more links. If you want to go solo, we suggest the bigger chains. If you want to go solo, we recommend looking for the bigger chains. You can add a few more thinner chains of contrasting sizes if you test out the layered look with your Cuban link chain.

  • You can also style it with a pendant.

Cuban link chains are very versatile. They look excellent with or without a pendant. They are usually solid and thick, adding an immense charm to your pendant. 

  • Or you can also wear a hip-hop-style iced-out chain.

The last way to take your look to the next level is by opting for the iced-out version of the Cuban link chain. Of course, nothing captures someone's sight like a neck full of sparkling diamonds. You can opt for your favorite metal between yellow and white gold, then add the diamonds for some extra bling.

What Makes Hip-hop style iced-out Cuban link chain exceptional?

Here are a few justifications for why we think the Cuban link chain stands out from the other gold chains on our radar.

  • The Hip-Hop Legends rock it – You don't have to look very far to see the Cuban link chains draped around the necks of icons. Interpretations of it started showing up in the hip-hop record books in the 1980s, with Big Daddy Kane, Slick Rick, and Biz Markie wearing their Cuban links back in day. It's still universal among artists, including Usher, DJ Khaled, and Jay-Z. If you admire some classic touch, this is the chain for you.

  • It's Ideal for Showcasing Pendants – Cuban link chains come in various thicknesses, weights, and lengths, so they become an excellent base for showcasing your best pendants. If you're trying to emphasize your prized Jesus piece or crucifix and want a little something additional, go for the Cuban. Make sure the chain is thick enough for the pendant you're wearing.

  • It Can Be Blinged Out – Do you like a few carats with your karats? The Cuban link chain is perfect if you prefer the dazzling style of a diamond-studded gold chain because it has a flat surface that can frost with diamonds.

  • It is Incredibly Versatile – Gold chains are known to be one of the most versatile jewelry pieces, but the Cuban link is incredibly universal. If you've got a distinctive pendant or outfit to flex with your Cuban link, you know you'll get it just right, thanks to the variety of options available.

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