• Dec 15, 2022
  • by aziz sukhyani

Are you planning a surprise proposal for your partner and searching for ways to measure ring size without her knowledge? It can be tricky because rings come in different sizes, and you need to be sure before finalizing an engagement ring.

Their partners getting on one knee and proposing to them is a thing that many women desire. They feel very special by this gesture. Selecting the ring which fits perfectly to your partner is a tricky part of this plan.

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In the US, the average ring size for women is 6 or 6.5. Since it’s estimated data so, the engagement ring may not fit. And it’s one of the worst things that can happen during a surprise proposal.

You don’t want to ruin this special moment with a ring that’s too small or too big. We’ve created a list of tricks to measure ring size without ruining the surprise.


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How You Can Measure the Ring Size of Your Partner Secretly

There are numerous ways to measure your partner’s ring size, no matter if you’re living together or are living separately. You can still measure the ring size without their knowledge.

  • Ways to measure ring size if you two are living together: Measuring your partner's ring size secretly for a surprise proposal is tricky, but it becomes easy when you and your partner live together. If you are living together, you can follow the steps below to measure their ring size.


  • Get Inside Their Jewelry Box: Pay attention to the rings your mate wears; also, when they aren’t looking, steal one from their jewelry box. Make sure your choice isn’t a pinky, thumb, or knuckle ring. That won’t get you anywhere. Take the ring to a jeweler, and voila, you have their size (which will be accurate enough). Just make sure you do it before they notice, or they might be suspicious that something is missing.


  • A Soap Bar is Your Best Companion: A cleaner bar can be used more than just for having a shower. However,  stay until they're in the shower or busy cooking to skulk into their jewelry box If they notice their ring is gone. Use their ring to imprint onto the cleaner bar and take it to the jeweler for dimension. This system can only be accurate if the pattern is made rightly. Just clean the ring off, and don’t leave any marks behind.


  • In Case You Run Out of Soap, Use Wax: If you can’t find a cleaner bar, use a candle or some wax to make the imprint. The conception is the same; just clean the ring off, so they don’t realize what’s happening.


  • Awaken Your Inner Michelangelo, And Draw the Ring: If you don’t have time to make an imprint or the tool to do so, this is a quick and easy system. You only require a pen/pencil and some paper. Place the ring onto the paper, and also snappily outline the inside. Your jeweler should figure out their ring size with the illustration.


  • With a Ruler: A  ruler can be very helpful while determining their ring size. All you have to do is measure the widest periphery of the inside of the ring. Make a note of that dimension and consult a jeweler or check an online ring sizing conversion map.


  • Don’t Try to Measure It Yourself: You may feel tempted to measure their finger while sleeping, but it’s a bad idea. You can get caught, and there’s no way to explain that down when you have a piece of string or paper around your ring finger (which isn’t accurate, to begin with).


  • Don’t Worry, If You aren't Living Together: Worried about how you can measure the ring size of your partner for a surprise if you’re not living together? Don’t worry; We got it sorted. Below are mentioned some tricks you can use to measure the ring size.


  • Get Your Partner a Fashion Ring: Another sneaky way to get their correct ring size is by sending them a fashion ring or jewelry set. If you guess the wrong size, you can use this method as a trial run. However, if you do, you’ll know whether to size it up or down. You’re better off going with the set because you don’t want to raise dubitation or fail them. This isn’t the most accurate system, but it’s a great place to start.


  • Get Their Mother on Board: If you have a good relationship with your would-be mother-in-law, take her in for what you plan to do. Mothers have a way of knowing; if they don’t, they’ll figure it out. Whatever size she tells you, go a ½ or full-size up. Because the size given by her may not be accurate, but this way, you give yourself room for error and room to resize.


  • Let Their Friend Help: Who knows your partner’s ring size? Well, who knows her better than her friend? They presumably exchange their jewelry all the time, So they know if your partner's finger is the same size as theirs, lower or larger. Indeed, if they don’t share rings, your partner’s friend can help develop a cunning plan to get their ring size.


  • Use the Friend Who’s Planning to Get wedded: If they have a friend planning to get married, ask the friend to take your partner along to the jewelers with them (you can have their friend pretend to look for rings). Also, ask them to encourage your partner to try out many rings or have her ring-sized. This plan isn't 100 reliable because your partner may have an objection since this is technically a special day for their friend. But you can always go to plan B, i.e., another option on this list.


  • Get a Wingman: If you have a who’s going to propose to their partner, tell them to ask your partner for help. Your friend will take your partner to the jeweler to try on many rings and help them choose one. This way, you can get an accurate ring size of your partner from a jeweler.


  • Visit a Jeweler: Your jeweler is the best person who can help in this tricky situation. If your partner's birthday or any other special occasion is around the corner, take them to shop for something they like. However, the jeweler can encourage your partner to try some rings, which means getting their perfect ring size. This plan is as accurate as it gets; just make sure you nor the jewelry store’s workers give your partner any reason to suspect anything.


  • Pretend It’s for Someone else: You can always pretend the ring is for someone different. For case, pretend the ring will be for your friend who wants to propose or as a gift to your mom or your cousins. Note that this plan is a bit overused, so there’s a high chance that she might suspect it’s for them.

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